Granite vs Marble Countertops

You are in the middle of choosing a countertop for your kitchen or the bathroom. When homeowners are on the lookout for such things, they usually prefer the natural look of stone, which has a wide array of unique patterns and colors. One of the most popular choices for homeowners is granite, because it goes well with either traditional or modern houses. Marble is another top choice amongst homeowners, which is the other term referred to the classic and luxurious high-end homes. But there is no limit to whether you choose marble or granite for your countertop. You are the last one who is going to decide whether or not granite or marble is the right one for you. But how do you choose the perfect material for your countertop? Below are few of the factors you need to look out for when choosing the right material.


Granite is a very popular material due to being referred as the most durable material for the bathroom or kitchen countertop, and also known for its resistance against chips and cracks, too. Hot pots or any other items that just came from cooking or intense heat can be placed on top of granite without worries, you can even convert the granite countertop into your very own chopping block and it will leave no damage to it. Spills over the granite can be wiped away easily, too. Marble is also durable like the granite, but it is more porous in texture and will stain easily compared to the former.




Just like many other materials, the look of both marble and granite is all up to the aesthetic preferences of the individual. When you ask for a specific statistic, you will see a divided difference between marble and granite, but will probably see a higher percentage over the granite than the marble, when talking about texture and how it reacts to being exposed with stains. Some people prefer the look of granite, because it comes with a wide range of patterns and colors. Others prefer the sophistication and elegance of the marble material, which is easily recognized, available in two colors: white and black.


Repairs and Maintenance


With a proper resealing to granite done annually, it resistant against strains, but with well-used kitchens or bathrooms, resealing is done on a monthly basis. Minor dings or scratches can be filled with an epoxy that matches the color or a resin from any home improvement store, but homeowners should leave it to the professionals if the cracks are larger than the ice cube. When it comes to minor damages on marble, it is similar to how granite is done, and the same way can be done to larger damages, too: seek professional help.

Price and Installation – Installation should be done by professionals. Both materials are really heavy and can be very difficult to handle. It is not an easy thing to do when cutting holes on these materials, too. When it comes to prices, granite has gone down compared to marble. If you wish to go with marble, it is best to go with tiles rather than the slabs for a more affordable price.

Cobuilders Resources Team