Foundation Repair

If you are noting that your walls are cracking and your doors aren’t closing right any more or your floors are bulging, this could be a sign of a problem with your foundation. This will be a problem if you are trying to sell your home and it will be a problem even if you are not trying to sell it but are living in it. Collapsing foundations can lead to a number of structural problems both major and minor. It is estimated that sixty percent of all homes built on soils that expand will end up having foundation issues.

Crack in foundation

What are some of the warning signs of collapsing foundations you may be wondering? Exterior signs include wall rotation, broken or cracked foundation, cracked bricks, separation around the garage door and displaced moldings. Interior signs include cracks in the flooring, cracked sheet rock and misaligned doors and/or windows. Fixing the problem is where it becomes tricky and sometimes costly. There are two ways the concrete foundation can be lifted: piering and slabjacking. Slabjacking involves filling the space under the slab with a mixture of grout that will float the foundation back to where it belongs. Piering involves placing supports underground that will lift and support the foundation.

If you are looking to save money and time, Hydrovac excavation and daylighting is a great route to go with. This type of excavation does not involve removing fencing or using heavy duty materials and trucks. This is much safer and cost effective than traditional excavation and it won’t damage your house. If this is the route you want to take or want more information, visit

Whether your home has sunk a few feet or maybe just a few inches, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent even more damage that is going to cost you even more money. So what exactly causes foundation problems? The number one issue is expanding soil. Certain soils will expand or shrink with moisture variation. Soil that is on the higher clay content scale will usually be more prone to expansion. If a foundation is built on an unstable soil, the movement is transmitted to the foundation. This type of issue will show up in both pier and beam and slab foundations. If only one part of the slab swells, this is what causes the issues. If it swells uniformly, there is usually no issue. The movement from uneven soil will cause the cracks and other damage. If you live in a residential area and are suffering from a foundation issue, this can cause accidents, poor drainage, tripping hazards, and loss of real estate value.

If you call a professional foundation repair company, they can come in and assess the foundation and the damage then figure out what the best plan is for you and what the estimated cost is going to be based on that plan. Foundation repair is going to cost around $10,000 dollars, unfortunately. But, after all, the foundation repair will be protecting your home and one of your biggest and greatest investments.

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