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DIY Guide to Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Housewives and househusbands are the usual fans of do-it-yourself (DIY) activities. These male and female Martha Stewarts just love to search for new things to do for their houses, for their families and friends or for themselves. And now, the best way to search for them is online. One of the most popular DIY activities is doing renovations around the house. Whether it has to do with rearranging the furniture or changing the curtains or painting the fence with a new color, house renovations, big or small, gives you a feeling of a fresh start and livens up what could have been a dull year for the house. In this article, we will help you with painting kitchen cabinets.

Well, the first step of course is to gather the tools and materials for this activity (I am pretty sure all the type A personas out there reading this would agree with me, he he!). The tools that you would need for this project are the following: sanding block, sand paper (preferably sand grit), cloth made of tack, steel wool and some paint applicator (a brush or one of those mechanical ones will do, depending on your preference). For the materials, you would need the following: alcohol (denatured type), trisodium phosphate (TSP), primer sealer, painter’s tape and paint (preferably semi- gloss).

Here’s the thing. Before you buy the paint, you would actually need to find out what your kitchen cabinets are made of to ensure that the paint you will use will bond to it. If your kitchen cabinets are made from metal, wood or wood laminate, then you can proceed to buying that semi- gloss paint because these materials can bond to paint a-ok. However, if your kitchen cabinets are made from plastic laminate, that can pose a bit of a challenge. You would have to consult with a paint dealer (make sure you are talking to an expert, by the way) on the best kind of pain to use and test what he or she recommended as well. You may also want to gather several different types of paint applicators to ensure that paint coverage will not be a problem. Bring out your spray paint kits, paint rollers and paintbrushes.

So, on to the painting proper, you would need to remove all contents of the kitchen cabinets as well as the drawers and other hardware in them like hinges, knobs, etc. Make sure they are set-aside in an area that can be located easily and that they are labeled so reattaching them will not be a pain. Next is to clean thoroughly all surfaces that will be painted and then sand those areas as well. When sanding, make sure to roughen the surface enough for pain to stick. Make sure to vacuum sanding dust after. Then apply a prime sealer coat evenly and once it dries, apply the paint. Make sure to do this using light and thin coats and make sure every surface is covered. You can paint the cabinets with two coats, but make sure to allow the paint to dry before applying the second coat.


Check out this video for more info and after you’re done with the cabinets… it’s time to move onto the counters.